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ooc//this is our last dance

Player Information
Name: Kat
Age: 25
LiveJournal/E-Mail/AIM: valorously / katisvalorous[at]gmail[dot]com / that is SPARDA

Character Application
Name: Rufus Shinra
Series: Final Fantasy VII (video game)
Age: 26
Gender: male

Canon: Final Fantasy VII @ wiki; Complete FFVII script; aaaall those pesky compilation bits
Pulled In: After Advent Children because geostigma is icky and burn wounds are difficult to play up for extended periods of time... and Dirge makes me cry a little. D8
Cut Down: Rufus, compared to much of his Final Fantasy series-mates is... pretty boring. He isn't from a long lost race of magical peoples, he hasn't been showered in chemicals to give him superpowers, and he has never once sprouted wings. Rufus manages to get by just fine with brains, determination, a well aimed shotgun, and Dark Nation, the wonder panther... dog... thing.

Although he won't have said panther-dog, and Dark Nation carried some nifty Barrier materia, so I suppose that's kind of like being cut down.

Personality: Rufus is a pretty dynamic character in the VII universe. Don't you listen to what any of those orphen saving tree huggers with the World Restoration Committee have to say. Now Rufus Shinra is all about CHANGE. He's cleaning up his company, he's righting wrongs, he's triumphing over this year's newest silver haired evil with an Oedipus complex, and he's doing it with style on his own terms.

And that's really it. Rufus has always done things on his own terms. They weren't always the best things to do, but he's always been his own man, even before he was really a man. I mean... he was a boy once. You catch my drift.

See, there are many fundamental aspects of Rufus Shinra's personality. Five in particular:

1) Rufus is exceedingly arrogant, and if one were to get their psychology degree from wikipedia, he would be diagnosed a narcissist immediately based on canon alone.
2) Rufus is sarcastic and snarky (Upon meeting Cloud and his shiny sword: "I guess this means we won't become friends."); has no problem putting down others ("It's that kind of dullness that makes you a second-rate scientist"); and often seems to get a real kick out of 'playing with others' ("a good son would have known.")
3) Rufus is kind of a jackass, and while he inspires loyalty, he isn't one for friendship and camaraderie and opening up to others ("no one has ever seen him bleed or cry.")
4) Rufus really hates his daddy.

Point four is important, because I think that shapes a whole lot about Rufus' personality. This isn't a "YOU DIDN'T LET ME STAY AT A HOTEL AFTER PROM!!!1" kind of hate. This is the kind of hate that brews a while -- perhaps when you're nine... and then you're a teenager and you're contacting terrorist organizations, giving them money, and then sitting back and watching the fun happen and hoping for an appropriate daddy-killing explosion. It's that kind of hate that fuels all of Rufus' actions in Before Crisis and eventually leads him to where we see him in FFVII.

...Exiled. "Away on business." Which would of course make anyone at least ten times more bitter and resentful, especially when one takes into account that all his plotting failed, and despite how stupid he thinks his father to be, and despite as inept as he thinks his father is in politics and whatnot, his plotting didn't go according to plan, and it's back to square one.

Until his father dies, and he finally gets what he wants: The company, and thereby much of the world in general. It's his now to do whatever he wants with it and of course -- because he's stubborn and because he's always hated his father, he decides to do everything different. His father pandered to the people with money and promises, so he's going to put them down with abject fear. His father couldn't get to the promised land? He's going to do it right. He's caught some terrorists and he's going to execute them on tv so the world has a scapegoat. He's going to do all this and more and he's going to do it a characteristic hairflip and a billow in his coat.

Until he's blown up.

Somehow he survives. We don't see it in original game canon again, so I like to imagine that he doesn't magical survive a falling, burning building unscathed. I mean, that has to hurt. That has to be pretty terrifying -- almost dying. Especially for someone as big and powerful and mighty as Rufus Shinra. The entire building comes down; with it his company and thereby his entire world. It's frustrating, but humbling and it changes people.

5) Rufus wants redemption.

See: I can count

Rufus says as much to Cloud when he's introduced in Advent Children as "Mysterious wheelchair dude under a sheet." He says it in a roundabout way that you can maybe put aside as him trying to goad Mr Hero into helping his cause, but this is Rufus. It's all part and parcel. After all the explosions and the near death of his company and contracting a nasty Lifestream induced disease, he's come to the conclusion that he fucked up. He's realized he had opportunities to fix everything, but he didn't. He realizes he's part of something that caused the near destruction of the entire world. Not only does he want to redeem his own name, but he wants to clean up his company's image. It would be kind of stupid to think that all of this is selfless, but at least some of it has to be. Why else would he donate money to the WRO anonymously?

So he's a good guy now. He probably doesn't like you, but he doesn't like anyone, really. It's doubtful he'd even admit to liking the Turks and they are in the business of jumping in front of bullets and catching him in nets and whatnot. He kind of respects AVALANCHE, but even that is strained and full of mockery.

So He probably isn't going to win any humanitarian awards (and if he does, he should probably look into hiring a speechwriter), but he's at least trustworthy. Kind of. And that's important.

Compartment: Platform 7; Train 6; Compartment 12



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